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Ford power stroke diesel


The words "Ford power stroke diesel" doesn't have to scare you. We own them, we repair them. From simple service, to the dreaded "cab removal". No job is too big, using the best parts available with the most current tools for the job, don't be scared anymore. Just give us a call.


Are the brakes on your vehicle essential to the safety of you and your passengers?  You bet they are.  The brakes are probably one of the most important parts of your car.  Routine maintenance on your car's brakes will help to keep you and your passengers and everyone else on the road a little safer.


Some noises from brakes could be normal, while some can indicate potential problems.  A grinding noise could be the result of worn brake pads and this metal on metal friction could cause damage to the drums and rotors  leading to expensive brake system repairs.


Is your vehicle pulling to one side or the other when you apply your brakes? This could mean that the lining is worn or uneven or the brake line has been damaged in some way. Drag can also occur because the brake fluid has debris in it or the brakes themselves need to be adjusted.


You can never be overly cautious when it comes to your braking system.  Bring your car to Superior Auto and let us take a quick look or test drive to see if your brakes are performing the way they were designed.




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