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Ford power stroke diesel


The words "Ford power stroke diesel" doesn't have to scare you. We own them, we repair them. From simple service, to the dreaded "cab removal". No job is too big, using the best parts available with the most current tools for the job, don't be scared anymore. Just give us a call.


Here is the most misunderstood system of the modern automobile. A lot of the problem is perpetuated by the very "experts" in our field. When modern fuel injection started taking over in the mid 80's, it was revolutionary. Never before could a fossil fuel propelled engine be controlled with such precision. No more pumping the gas pedal on a cold morning to get an old engine to start, then to just die again and flood out! Better power, better fuel economy, and reduced tail pipe emissions. It was the difference between 8 tracks and cd's, or now cd's and streaming. The problem was it was such a quantum leap in technology, it left many mechanics behind.  We started hearing terms like "machine", "brain box", etc. The reality is there is no magic "machine" that will diagnose anything. The "diagnostic platforms" we have to use today are simply computers that allow us to interface with the various control modules (up 50 or more) present on modern cars. We can communicate, read data, and retrieve trouble codes. It does not "tell" us the problem; only point us in a specific direction. It is completely up to the technician's "brain box" to interpret the data and diagnose the root cause of the problem. The "brain box" being the most complex, fastest, and least understood computer in the universe. The human brain. On newer cars, everything is controlled by modules, windows, turn signals, even headlights. All the modules communicate on an internal high speed data line(s) that cover the entire vehicle. Sound complicated? It's actually more technical than that. The reality is, soon most "mechanics" will not even be able to perform basic maintenance on your car anymore. Here at superior auto repair, we employ technicians that stay ahead of the curve. We commit ourselves to being the authority on proper repair techniques and procedures. We are the experts. We stand behind our work. We can and will solve your diagnostic and electronic problems.



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