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Ford power stroke diesel


The words "Ford power stroke diesel" doesn't have to scare you. We own them, we repair them. From simple service, to the dreaded "cab removal". No job is too big, using the best parts available with the most current tools for the job, don't be scared anymore. Just give us a call.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Are you cold when it's cold outside? Are you hot when it's hot? Usually that is the only time we think about climate control in our vehicles. A properly functioning climate control system has as much to do with safety as well as comfort. The air conditioning system is also responsible for removing moisture from the interior of the vehicle, allowing your windshield and windows to be clear from condensation on the inside. It does this by turning on the air conditioning compressor when you select defrost. Did you also know that the A/C is responsible for removing dust, pollen, and mold from the breathable air inside the cabin? Almost all newer vehicles have a pollen/dust filter inside the cabin that needs to be replaced at least every 15,000 miles?


A properly functioning heater system allows you to keep warm and thaw the ice from your windshield and windows. It also is tied to the temperature regulating system for your engine. The heat you feel from your vents is a by product of the heat given off by the engine. Having no heat in the winter could mean more than just a climate control issue.


Just let the experts at Superior Auto Repair make sure your climate control system is up to par!



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