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Ford power stroke diesel


The words "Ford power stroke diesel" doesn't have to scare you. We own them, we repair them. From simple service, to the dreaded "cab removal". No job is too big, using the best parts available with the most current tools for the job, don't be scared anymore. Just give us a call.

Maintenance and Safety

It is not uncommon to see cars in our shop with well over 150,000 miles on a daily basis. Modern automobiles are setting the standards for quality and precision. We are now dealing with tolerances and clearances that a few decades ago were impossible.


It is of the utmost importance to have the right technicians, and the proper MANUFACTURERS recommended maintenance procedures available. We have several resources and data bases with the most current service tables and procedures available. We don't use a blanket procedure for every car that comes in. We tailor everything for your specific needs and your specific automobile.


Maintenance service is the most overlooked repair today; everything is based on low price and speed. Your car was not cheap, we know because we own them too. We want your automobile to last as long as You want it to. We can help you reach your goals without selling a bunch of unneeded add-ons!


 A properly maintained car is a safe car; we do not take safety lightly. We all are family men; we understand what it's like to have the comfort and knowledge that you can safely drive your family or just yourself without the worry of being stranded. We work very hard to make sure that the whole process of auto repair and maintenance is on our shoulders, not yours.




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