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Ford power stroke diesel


The words "Ford power stroke diesel" doesn't have to scare you. We own them, we repair them. From simple service, to the dreaded "cab removal". No job is too big, using the best parts available with the most current tools for the job, don't be scared anymore. Just give us a call.


Is it time for an oil change?  Can you remember the last time you had the oil changed?  Then it's probably time to take your car in and have the oil changed.  Keeping the oil changed regularly is very important to the well being of your vehicle.  It could very well keep you from having to buy a new car sooner than you want and who wants a car payment?  It could also keep you from having to spend countless dollars in engine repair.


Why is keeping your oil changed regularly important?  You want your engine to last a long time right?  It will not serve your needs as long as it should if you are driving around with dirty oil.  Oil has several important functions and obviously clean oil out performs dirty oil every time.  Regularly changing your oil can help prevent major repairs in the long run.


Since your car's engine runs at such high temperatures, the oil thermally breaks down and is no longer useful as a lubricant; therefore, the engine parts create friction by rubbing together metal on metal and the parts will wear out.


In addition, the oil has additives that help neutralize acids.  Over a period of time, the additives are depleted and no longer useful.

Lastly oil will soak up as much water, dust, and a lot of the by products of combustion until it cannot soak up any more.  When this happens, the stuff the oil has soaked up stays in the engine and will eventually cause corrosion.


A good habit to get into is checking your oil level periodically.  The oil level should be right on the full marks every time; however if it is not, it is not difficult to add some oil to the crankcase.  If the oil level is at the add mark, you should add one quart of oil to the crankcase.  If the level is somewhere in between the full and add marks, you should add part of a quart of oil to the crankcase because you are not quite one quart of oil low.  As a rule of thumb, you should never overfill the crankcase will oil.  If you do, the oil will become frothy and the oil pump will not be able to pump the oil necessary to lubricate the engine's parts.



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